Shaun is a proud Kerryman.

As a child growing up in Castleisland, he developed a love for Spielberg movies and Stephen King books. He later moved to Cork to study Multimedia and nurture a growing obsession with film.

After struggling with chronic anxiety in his mid-20s, he wrote his own book about recovery, ‘The Depersonalization Manual’, which is now considered one of the trusted texts on the topic. It is regularly used by medical professionals and has been featured on the BBC. 

After this detour, Shaun got his career back on track, bought a cheap Sony Handicam and started making lots of short films and music videos. 

That work started picking up awards at film festivals, both Irish and international. That in turn led to bigger projects, funded work, directing for TV and theatre (and taking acting classes, despite having no interested in being in front of the camera)  

Today, Shaun balances his love for film and travel with his passion for action on climate change, mental health, veganism and animal rights. 

If only he can find a way to work these themes into a Jurassic Park sequel….