The Depersonalization Manual is the result of carefully documenting my own recovery, and the 10 years of working with thousands of DP sufferers since.

I wrote it initially as a guide to understand and recover from DP, the guide that I wish I’d had when I first developed Depersonalization. A guide that would have saved me months, years of pain.

Since its first edition as a small ebook in 2007, the DP Manual has expanded and gone on to become a full recovery package — and is now the oldest, most trusted guide to recovery from Depersonalization currently available.

It has already sold over TEN THOUSAND copies, and as of this year, now comes in a brand new, updated & expanded edition with FREE bonus materials including FAQs and audio relaxation program — and a FULL unabridged audio version of the DP Manual, as read by the author.

Now Available at WWW.DPMANUAL.COM