Donald Trump and the End of Logic

I wrote a new article about the Trump presidency and how religious thinking has affected American politics — It’s been published by Irish writing website HeadStuff.

“Early during the production of Alien 3 it became clear that 20th Century Fox had little or no faith in their young director David Fincher. Fincher, who went on to make classics like ‘Seven’ and ‘Fight Club’ was being actively left out of the decision-making process. It got to the point where the producers were denying him permission to shoot entire scenes crucial to the script. The director’s situation was untenable. He’d been hired by the studio to put his creative stamp on the piece but was being prevented from doing so at every opportunity. I recall reading about a meeting where, at the end of his tether, Fincher supposedly said to one of the Fox executives:

“I can’t deal with your logic because it doesn’t exist.”

It’s a cautionary tale. The nightmare of dealing with non-logic is something we all encounter at times in the workplace, in relationships etc. But the events of the past year, with Donald Trump’s campaign and election, may well be the first time that non-logic became actively utilised as a tactic by the wider political establishment…”

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