Personal Space: Travels in India - Companion Article

My travel photography exhibition Personal Space: Travels in India ran throughout October in St. Peter’s, Cork City.
I wrote a companion article for the exhibition which was published by Irish writing website HeadStuff.

“Upon arrival, Mumbai gave no quarter.
There was a huge queue at the single working ATM in Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport. In an effort to fight counterfeiting and the black market, the Indian Government had, without warning, ordered the removal of two of the most commonly used Rupee bills. This amounted to 86% of the notes in circulation becoming unusable overnight. Chaos -and serpentine ATM queues – ensued. It was a baptism of fire to five months’ travelling in India, following a coastal itinerary down the West to the southern tip, back up via the Eastern railway and across the North…..”

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