“Filmed and recorded at the Cork School of Music, ‘ECHOGRAM: Live at CSM’ is the perfect showcase for this rising Irish band. No overdubs, no autotuning (these 3 songs were performed just as you hear them), we see Echogram demonstrate what a tremendous live act they are: an unsigned band with great songs and a live show that will take them around the world.”

Music produced by
Ronan McGrath and Kilian Pettit

Recorded and engineered by
Ronan McGrath, Richie Price and Jamie Farrell

Original programming by Ciaran O’Shea

Mixed by Ronan McGrath

Audio mastering by Jamie Farrell

John Desmond, Sean Duane, Brian Leach, Shane McGrath, Julie O’Brien, Ian O’Connell, Keira O’Connell, Cormac O’Regan, Dara O’Regan, Pavol Rosa

Special Thanks
Keith Clancy
David Quirke at Red Penguin Ltd
Rory O’Leary at Red Penguin Ltd
Richie at Cork Rehearsal
Johnny McCarthy at Cork School of Music
Dave Slevin at Cork School of Music

Directed / Edited by Shaun O’ Connor

Filmed by
Shaun O’ Connor
Maurice Supple at
Ewa Slusarek at